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Convert your audio to aiff in a few easy steps
fast aiff online audio convertor without a file size limit and with HD quality.
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HD Convert is free to use and great for converting between different file formats, audio, video, and image. The conversion process to AIFF audio files (and other formats) is easy, fast, and secure. Whilst the service is free, however, there is also a package premium option, removing the watermark present on the free option, and unlocking higher-quality, more immersive sound.
With this being said, we must mention that the final quality of the converted AIFF file format is entirely dependant on the initial uploaded file. For instance, if the audio file you upload to be converted contains low-quality, then we cannot improve this quality. Instead, you would need to re-capture or save the audio file prior to converting.
Convert your video to AIFF in a few easy steps
To quickly convert your audio file to WAV, follow the simple steps below:
  • Upload source file (no file size limit)
  • Select audio format: AIFF
  • Select audio quality: from low to high
  • Adjust audio settings: codec, bitrate, etc.
  • Enable notifications (push, sound, or email)
  • Select the FREE or PREMIUM conversion option
  • Convert audio to AIFF
Furthermore, when you are converting your audio file to AIFF, you can also adjust various advanced settings. These advanced settings include increasing or lowering the volume level, quality, cutting and removing clips, and more.
Also, HD Convert is compatible with several devices, such as:
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Mac
  • PC
  • Windows
  • Tablet
  • And more!
You will find further details on HD Convert premium toward the bottom of this page.
Why convert your video format to AIFF?
Audio interchange file format (AIFF) is a standard audio format developed by Apple in 1988. This file format is the most common audio format used on Apple computers. For this reason, if switching audio files between PC and Apple Mac, you may need to convert your AIFF files to other formats such as MP3 or WAV.
Essentially, the AIFF audio file format is very similar to WAV, but the apple version used on apple devices and computers. Therefore, AIFF files are also high on quality, better than MP3 and other similar audio files. However, this does come with a cost: a greater file size at approximately 10MB for one minute of audio.
Nonetheless, AIFF files are standard for Apple devices. For this reason, many users may need to convert files between different formats such as AIFF and WAV, especially if transferring audio clips between PC and MAC.
What are the benefits of using the AIFF format?
There are numerous benefits to using an AIFF file; however, these include:
  • Lossless file format
  • High-quality (better than MP3)
  • Standardized support for metadata
As previously touched upon, there are several benefits of the AIFF audio file format. For starters, AIFF files are standard for Apple devices, so may need to convert once in a while if switching between PC and MAC.
One of the main benefits of AIFF file formats, similarly to WAV files, is the audio quality. AIFF files sound significantly better than MP3, creating an immersive, fluid, and high-quality audio experience.
Unlike other file formats, AIFF contains standardized support for metadata. This metadata includes album track information and cover art (think apple iTunes). Finally, the AIFF audio file format is lossless. This means no audio quality is lost, even once the final audio file is exported.
Are there any downsides?
Regardless as to which file size you choose to convert too (audio, video, or image), there will be evident downsides. For instance, AIFF files are much larger in file size, especially when compared to the MP3 format.
As AIFF audio files are much greater in size, this makes it not ideal for sending via email or uploading to the cloud for others to access. This shouldn’t be too much of an issue, however, is something to bear in mind.
Buy premium
As previously highlighted, HD Convert offers two main options of conversion: free and premium. The free option is available for all, but contains an audible watermark and the audio quality is capped just below HD.
Nonetheless, the premium package removes the audible watermark and unlocks higher quality audio (HD and Ultra HD). Similarly, the conversion process becomes quicker and there is no file size limit. This means you can upload audio files any size, great for big projects or documentaries.
All uploaded files for conversion (AIFF files and others) are stored on the HD Convert servers for 24-hours. This is only temporary, the file is later removed from the servers. In the event that you lose connection, you can resume the conversion with little to no interruption, saving you time and effort.
So, how do you decide whether HD Convert premium is for you? If you require high-quality audio, perhaps for a CD, documentary, project, or some sort of edit then premium is likely for you.
To find out more about HD Convert premium, click here.
Other formats to convert your audio to
HD Convert allows you to convert between various formats, other than AIFF. Examples of these formats include MP3, WAV, and FLAC. Also, video conversion options are also available, these include formats such as MP4, FLV, and AVI, amongst others.
To find out more about the other formats available, click here.
To conclude
Converting audio files to AIFF (and other formats, both audio and video) has never been easier. The AIFF file format is highly-recognized and standard for Apple devices, offering excellent lossless audio quality.
As AIFF files are of higher quality than MP3, this audio format should be used sparingly, unless, of course, you are using an Apple device, such as a MAC.
Remember: the file size is much larger when using AIFF, approximately 10MB per one-minute of audio. For this reason, sending these files via email or uploading to the cloud is not ideal, if transferring between one or more devices a pen drive may be a better option.
Finally, remember the free version of HD Convert contains an audible watermark with capped quality. You’ll also benefit from a quicker download speed and temporary storage on the servers should your connection drop.

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