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There are many reasons for wanting to convert your image from one format to another, whether that’s a JPEG to PNG or visa versa. Doing this manually, for example, in photoshop or another graphics editor is time-consuming, and for most, rarely accessible.
Therefore, having a straight-forward, simple to use online convertor is essential, allowing you to convert your images in a matter of seconds. This is a lifesaver for many creators, creatives, and those wishing to share their beautiful images with others and the world.
The HD Convert Image output options are as follows:
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • WEBP
Regardless of the original uploaded file (so long as it is an image), the outputs remain the same.
Whether or not you choose JPEG, BMP, WEBP, or PNG is up to you; however, each has its own advantages. For example, JPEG files are compressed, which results in a smaller file than both PNG and BMP files. This allows you to store more images whilst taking up less file size. On the other hand, PNG images contain higher compression rates, but sometimes may result in larger file sizes depending on the size of the image being converted.
All listed above formats have been optimized for high conversion speed and quality. This allows for a quick download speed, allowing you to enjoy, share, or upload your photos in no time whatsoever.
If you would like to remain updated regarding your download progress (useful when converting multiple images), then you can opt to receive notifications. These notifications are available as push, sound, and email - the choice is up to you. You can choose all three if you’re really that excited, too.
Advanced settings (optional)
Using the basic setting renders a high-quality image. However, there are also advanced settings available, if you choose to use these.
The advanced settings allow you to:
  • Adjust image quality
  • Resize image (custom size)
Adjusting image quality is a useful feature when uploading already poor quality photos. This ensures the quality does not reduce then converting, providing a crisp, high-quality finish your photos deserve.
Likewise, images can be resized prior to converting. This saves time converting these afterwards or before uploading, using graphics editors (photoshop, paint, gimp etc.). Also, resizing images (if made smaller) will simultaneously reduce file size, great if sending as attachments via email or uploading to your website.
Finally, it’s worth mentioning that all uploaded files save on the HD Convert servers for 24-hours, allowing you to recover lost projects should your internet disconnect or you forget about your conversion.
What are the benefits of converting your image to a different format?
You’re likely wondering: what are the benefits of converting your images to different formats? To answer this question, this depends on your intended use of the image. For example, if uploading images to a website or blog, you likely want to use re-sized PNG images compared to other file formats such as JPEG. This is because these files tend to be smaller without sacrificing on quality, decreasing load times and providing an optimal user experience for visitors of your site.
On the other hand, if you’re looking for higher-quality photos, especially if your image is already large, then converting to a JPEG file will likely be beneficial. Finally, WEBMP files are relatively new, created by Google. These files are supposedly quicker to load than both JPEG and PNG files, also ideal for websites.
Should I resize my image?
Whether or not you should resize your image is up to you. However, there are various reasons to do. For example, if uploading pictures to a blog or website, then resizing these to the optimal size decreases file size without sacrificing on quality. On the other hand, you may be included to increase the size of your image, perhaps if it’s going on display, printed for a piece of art, or other reason.
Free vs. premium HD convert
When using HD Convert, you have two main options: free and premium. With the free version, you receive limited quality of up to 50% on all images and a watermark on the final image. However, when using premium, you there are no watermarks, no file size limit, and you are provided with ultra HD quality.
The free option is great for those looking to convert the occasional photo, not to bothered about quality or watermarks.
Premium is purchased in stand-alone packages, unlike other image conversion software. The basic premium package is available for $4.99, allowing you to convert three files in ultra HD with no watermark.
Also, HD Convert has other services available other than image conversion. For example, mp4 conversion, audio conversion, and more. You only pay for what you use, unlike traditional subscription packages. This allows you to cut costs, with no recurring fees for a service you may rarely use.
With high-quality conversions made accessible, you can share your pictures, videos, or audio with the world - expressing yourself and what you believe in. Or, you know, a really sick photo.
To conclude
Converting image format has never been easier than using the free HD Convert tool. You can upload multiple images at once with no file size and convert these to either a PNG, BMP, WEBMP, or JPEG file format.
There are many reasons as to why you convert these, including higher-quality, faster load times, and a better user experience (if uploading these images to a website or other platform). The HD Convert free tool is great for those looking to convert images which do not require these professionally, instead recreationally.
However, for those wanting to use or display these images on their blog, website, or social media, investing in a premium package is not required, but may be a good idea. This allows you to freely resize, utilise HD quality, and remove the watermark.

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