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Do you have old black and white photographs hanging around, perhaps buried deep in a set of drawers, under the bed, or even in your wallet? Have you ever wondered what they would look like colored? If so, then the HD Convert free black, and white photo colorization tool is for you.
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Simply click the “browse files” button and upload your photographs, one at a time or the whole bunch in a go if you choose. After uploading these, you can either choose to view online on the site or alternatively download these to your computer or device.
The process is super easy, fun, and free, and you’ll receive confirmation that the past was not in black and white… it was simply a time where cameras were not quite as advanced as today. Premium options are also available, of which you can read about further down the page.
Try for yourself and share with others - let’s make photo colorization a trend, re-living the past and bringing color to life, once again. Be sure to share your now colored images on Facebook and Twitter, tagging us to see your results.
Why should I upload old black and white photographs?
Have you never been curious in regards to old photographs? What the picture actually looks like in color? I know we have. Often we forget, as silly as it sounds, that those living in the age of black and white photographs did, in fact, have color. They saw the world the same way we do - it was just captured a little different.
Alternatively, perhaps you took a photograph in black and white by accident. Uploading your black and white photograph to the HD Convert automatic photo colorization tool will restore the color to your image, providing you another image to add to your collection.
How does it work?
Once a black and white image is uploaded, machine learning and artificial intelligence are used to guess best what the picture would have looked like in color. The automatic photo colorization of the image is accurate, but may not be one-hundred percent due to a variety of factors, such as not having access to the original image.
Restoring black and white photos will never be one hundred percent, however, we can create a very similar result. Other services use grids that allow the human eye to determine what colors are contained within the image. However, this is entirely individual-based, with others interpreting the image and the color within differently. Instead, HD Convert produces one final image, an image that appears the same to all those looking.
Nonetheless, the high-quality photo colorization is as accurate as possible, producing results consumers would never have dreamt of just a few years ago. It’s the best of the best.
How do I upload polaroid/printed black and white photos?
Uploading polaroid or printed black and white photos may seem a little tricky. However, there are multiple methods to do this, bringing your photograph to life and full of color. You have two main options: taking a new photograph of the original polaroid, or alternatively scanning the photograph in, emailing this to yourself (or using a pen drive), and uploading this to the HD Convert photo colorization convertor.
If you are looking to use the photograph, perhaps on display, scanning the image will produce a higher-quality image.
The highest-quality images, unlike any other service
Unlike other photo colorization services, HD Convert transforms black and white photos into high-quality colored ones, without sacrificing on quality, utilizing AI technology and machine learning, alongside past experience of successful and unsuccessful conversions, not to mention user feedback.
I have large pictures to upload, is there a size limit?
No, there is no size limit concerning the black and white images you can upload. In general, however, black and white images are smaller in size. Anyways with the HD Convert no file size limit, you can upload as many high-quality black and white images as you’d like.
Regardless of how many images you upload, the conversion is fast, free, and user-friendly. In a matter of seconds, you are able to view beautiful colored images, bringing past photographs to life, and instilling old-timey memories.
HD Convert premium - is it worth it?
HD Convert premium comes with many perks, one of those being the affordable price tag. Unlike other mp4 and black and white photo subscription plans, HD convert offers purchases for a set number of downloads.
With HD convert premium, you will benefit from the following:
  • No watermarks
  • Quicker download speeds and higher audio quality for mp4 files
No watermarks
With one of the HD Convert premium packages, the watermark from your converted images and files are removed. This makes for a more professional feel, allowing you to enjoy your highest-quality images, reliving memories, and showing others your beloved experiences.
To conclude
HD Convert’s black and white photo colorization service is free to use, accessible to all, contains no file size limit, and allows you to bring color to an old photo. The service is simple to use, allowing you to upload one or as many black and white photographs as you’d like, colorizing these in a matter of seconds.
So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve got a few black and white photos on your laptop, stashed in a drawer, or in a storage box, find them, upload them to HD Convert’s AI photo colorization and see what they look like in color. You won’t regret it, we promise.

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