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If you have any old images lying around, perhaps low-quality ones saved from an old phone, on an old hard drive, or perhaps even downloaded from the internet, then now is your chance to upgrade these to full HD, allowing you to experience these memories all over again. However, what is the point of enhancing image quality? This may seem fairly obvious, but enhancing image quality and undoing some of the compression details allow you to enjoy your images in HD and, in some instances, ultra HD. These look better, make for a great framed photo, or can be used as assets in videos or other social posts.
When images are compressed, JPEG artifacts, blur, and various other elements are affected, usually decreased to simultaneously lessen the file size. However, until now, there has not been an accessible method for once again increasing the image quality. Our enhanced image quality service fixes blur, replaces the broken artifacts, and allows you to convert your images to HD with no hassle.
So, if you’re ready to re-live your memories in full HD quality, then this article is for you. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how we are able to enhance image quality, a step-by-step guide running you through the process, and a little more information on our FREE and premium packages available.
How does it work?
Upon reading thus far, you’re most likely wondering how all of this is possible. How are we able to convert poor image quality photos into HD quality memories to enjoy and experience for a lifetime? To achieve this, we use AI-based software to enhance your image quality. This software detects image defects, e.g. damaged image artifacts, unnecessary blur, and other details which have previously been affected, perhaps, but most likely a result of image compression. Essentially, we reverse the compression process (which often occurs without us knowing, also unlocking other elements of the photo to increase the quality up to HD.
Far too often, images are compressed incorrectly, damaging the components and artifacts within the image. Also, the image commonly becomes blurred - we can undo this, increasing the quality massively. Using our AI-based software, we can increase the quality of your images drastically, especially if these are taken on more up-to-date cameras or smartphones. Nonetheless, we can still increase the quality of older photos too, perhaps taken a whole decade ago.
Finally, with HD Convert premium, you can unlock further image qualities, allowing you to really let your image shine in all its glory. But more on HD Convert premium later, first, let’s discuss how we upscale your favorite images.
Upscaling your favorite images to HD quality
Images are used for many, many different purposes, especially in the current digital era. For example, images are re-used to create gifs, memes, TikTok videos, and other social media posts. Therefore, it’s no surprise that people require the highest quality of images all of the time!
Luckily for you, that’s where HD Convert comes in, providing you with the tools to upgrade old, perhaps low-quality images to HD images, either enjoying these yourself, or sharing with your audience on social media.
Using our AI algorithm, we can significantly increase the quality of images (and even videos). This is achieved by reducing blur, repairing missing components and artifacts, and more, improving the quality so that you don’t have to - it’s the HD Convert way.
Available from the web, no downloads necessary
When you choose HD Convert, there are no unnecessary downloads or software installations - we like to think this is a big advantage of our platform compared to others. With no downloads required, you are guaranteed a quick, safe, and secure image quality conversion, allowing you to go about your day with your converted images in no time whatsoever.
Moreover, this makes enhancing image quality all the more accessible - you can even do this while on the go or while traveling. We should mention, that instead of downloading software, you simply visit our website and choose to enhance image quality, following the instructions on the screen for the best results - you wont’t be disappointed.
How to enhance image quality
With all the tools to get started, enabling you to transform your favorite photos and images to full HD quality, you’re most likely wondering how to get started. Well, don’t fear, we’ve got all the deets below, in easy to understand bullet point form:
  • Upload source files (this is your images and there is no file size limit)
  • Select video format: JPEG or PNG
  • Select output image quality (you have many options here)
  • Adjust image settings (most of these do not need to be adjusted and are advanced)
  • Enable notification (this is not necessary, but if you wish to be notified when your video enhancement is completed, then turn this on!)
  • Select convert with PREMIUM (there is also a FREE option, but the premium package is recommended)
  • Click convert video to HD mp4 and you’re good to go!
The process of converting your images into HD masterpieces is simple, easy to do, and very straightforward. Should you run into any issues (which we’re sure you won’t), feel free to reach out for help - we’re here to support you.
Premium vs. free to convert - what’s the difference?
We mentioned HD Convert premium previously, but what is the difference between HD Convert premium and the regular FREE package available?
  • No watermark
  • 4K UHD quality
  • Quicker conversion (less time waiting and more time doing!)
  • No file size limit
  • Wide choice of different output video quality options
  • And more!
In comparison to the free version of HD Convert, premium provides users with many more advanced features. For example, when using premium, there will be no watermarks on your images, you will unlock various different image qualities, and the conversion/image enhancement time is much quicker, allowing you to spend less time converting and more time focusing on your work.
The most basic HD Convert premium package begins at $4.99 a month, affordable, and full of great features. This package includes ten image, video, audio, and colorize options to choose from, a basic, but great package for creatives looking to take their work to the next level.

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