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There are numerous reasons why you may want to consider upgrading your low-quality, perhaps SD video to full HD quality. For starters, the quality is much better, allowing you to enjoy your video, whether a film, memory, or other treasured video clip. Previously, upgrading and enhancing the quality of SD video was not possible. However, now, the technology is available, allowing you to take your video to the next level.
Often, when videos are saved are they are compressed, even if this is only slightly. During most compression processes, the quality of the video is compromised and lessened, sometimes you may notice, and other times you might not. Enhancing low-quality and compressed video involves removing blur, fixing broken artifacts, and re-scaling the image quality and resolution, amongst other processes.
If you’re ready to convert your SD video (or other low-quality videos) to full HD, allowing you to enjoy your memories or other videos to the maximum, then listen up. This article will explain how we enhance video quality, including upscaling, and a little on our HD Convert premium package - the best choice for those in search of the very best quality with minimum distractions.
How does it work?
So, you may be wondering: how exactly does this work? How are we able to convert your SD and lower quality video files into superior, HD quality? To begin with, we use AI-based software and hardware (available on our website) to detect and enhance your video quality (we can also enhance image quality). Mainly, quality is improved by reversing compression processes, such as fixing artifacts that have been smushed or damaged during compression, and other assets which have been negatively impacted. While compression is great for numerous reasons, sometimes the compression process can have consequences (especially if not done correctly), damaging files and reducing video quality.
Our AI-based software allows you to upload SD video in low-quality (e.g. 360p) with low bitrate to our cloud servers, enhancing and upscaling the quality of your video to a maximum of 4k video with increased quality output. With our premium package, you also benefit from several other benefits too; more on this later.
Upscaling SD video to HD quality
There are many, many different videos available in the current digital age, mainly thanks to the increase in the number of content creators on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms. Therefore, it’s no surprise that these content creators (perhaps yourself included) require high-quality videos to use regularly. That’s where we come in, allowing you to upscale your original SD videos, whether shot yourself years ago or downloaded from elsewhere, showcasing to your fans or social audience in true, HD quality.
In fact, using our AI algorithm, we can upscale images as much as sixteen times without any loss in quality, as opposed to regular compression methods which often lose quality. There is only one method you should choose, and that’s the HD Convert video enhance quality way.
No need to install any software
When you use HD Convert, there is no need to install any software. This is a huge advantage, especially when compared to other programs and software out there. With no downloads, not only can you be sure that the video enhancement process is completely safe, but it’s also quick and easy, too.
Furthermore, this makes video enhancement even easier on the go, ready to go whenever you’re ready to continue your project in HD quality. Instead of downloading software, you simply upload your chosen video to our website, wait a little while we fix and enhance the quality (you can even set up notifications so you know when it’s done), and boom, then you’re good to go!
How to enhance your low-quality video to HD quality
So, now that you know how it works and what we do to enhance your low-quality video clips, you’re probably wondering how to get started. Below you will find clear steps on how to begin, helping you convert your video up to superior 4K HD:
  • Upload source files (this is your video clip and there is no file size limit)
  • Select video format: mp4
  • Select output video quality (you have a choice from low 240p to 720p, 1080p, HD, and even Ultra HD 4k quality)
  • Adjust video settings: codec, bitrate, etc. (these are advanced options and usually do not need to be adjusted)
  • Enable notification (this is not necessary, but if you wish to be notified when your video enhancement is completed, then turn this on!)
  • Select converting with PREMIUM (there is also a FREE option, but the premium package is recommended)
  • Click convert video to HD mp4 and you’re good to go!
As you can see, the process is super simple, easy to follow, and hassle-free. If you do run into any issues, you can also contact the HD Convert team at any time, however, we’re sure you won’t need to!
Premium vs. free to convert - what’s the difference?
We touched on this briefly before, however, what is the difference between HD Convert premium and the free package available?
  • No watermark
  • 4K UHD quality
  • Quicker conversion (less time waiting and more time doing!)
  • No file size limit
  • Wide choice of different output video quality options
  • And more!
Compared to the free option available, premium offers many advanced features, perfect for creating and enhancing your existing video file. Mainly, however, you will benefit from no watermark, no limit on video quality, and quicker conversion times, allowing you to spend less time waiting, and more time working on your next project.
Unlike other subscription services available, HD Convert premium is affordable and accessible to all, with pricing beginning at the low cost of $4.99 a month. The basic package provides you with ten video, image, audio, and colorize options to choose from, granting you all the tools you need to experience your favorite images, videos, and even audio clips in the highest quality possible.

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