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HD Convert is free to use and an excellent tool for converting between different image formats, including JPEG files. Converting image files manually, for example, using photoshop or other editing software is slow, tedious, and inefficient. Instead, using HD Convert is quick and straightforward, allowing you to convert multiple images in seconds.
Whether you’re a creator or love taking pictures, this tool is invaluable, saving you time and allowing your images to look their best. We currently provide four different image conversion options, including JPEG, PNG, BMP, and WEBP. However, this page will specifically cover JPEG in more detail.
Convert your image to JPEG in a few simple steps
To convert your current image file to JPEG, follow the steps outlined below:
  • Click the “convert images” button and select your chosen output, in this case, JPEG
  • Adjust advanced settings (image quality & image re-sizing), this is not required
  • Upload the images you wish to convert
  • Convert and enjoy your new JPEG image(s)
The HD image conversion process is simple and easy to use. You can even upload multiple images at once for conversion, changing these all to the JPEG file format. If you wish to change the image quality or wish to re-size your image, you can do this by accessing the advanced settings. This is useful for those low-resolution images or those that look a little stretched or out of proportion.
With this being said, we should note that image quality is limited when using the free version of HD Convert and will display a slightly visible watermark on the final converted image. This is easily removed with the premium package, allowing you to enjoy high-resolution, JPEG files with no watermark.
Why convert your image file to JPEG?
There are numerous reasons to convert your images to the JPEG file format. Firstly, the JPEG format contains lossy compression. This allows you to reduce the file size significantly, especially when compared to PNG and other file formats. The resolution is slightly lower, but if using on a website, these will load much quicker as this is compressed.
Furthermore, with the right JPEG type, the more an image is downloaded (how long the user has spent on a website, for example, the higher the quality of the image. This file format is a must-use one for those with blogs, online portfolios, or websites, allowing you to gain the edge over your competition with a quick and responsive website that looks great.
If you currently use the PNG format for your images, you will benefit from slightly higher quality, but will be reducing the load times of your website. This file is ideal for websites and social media sites such as Instagram, but less ideal for your own website or blog - this is just something to keep in mind.
What are the benefits of choosing the JPEG format?
We’ve already discussed some of the benefits of converting to a JPEG file format above, however, here are some more:
  • Low file size
  • Faster to load
  • Compatible with virtually all devices
  • Image quality is not affected as much as you may think when compressed
Low file size
Firstly, JPEG files are low in file size, especially when compared to its counterpart, the PNG. This makes them ideal for viewing on the go, on a weak internet connection, or for faster loading times on a website.
Faster to load
If you’re using your images on a website or blog, you need fast-loading images. This improves user experience and is something you should constantly be doing for better web results. On the other hand, if you want higher quality images and are not bothered by loading times, perhaps uploading images to platforms such as Instagram, then PNG files are likely the better choice.
Compatible with virtually all devices
The JPEG file format is universal, compatible with virtually all devices. This makes these images quick to load and display, whether viewing on a smartphone, tablet, desktop, or smart television - ensure to optimize for best results on all devices.
Image quality is not affected as much as you may think when compressed
Finally, many people choose not to convert their images to JPEG as they think the image quality is affected massively when compressed. However, this is not true. Usually, these images are compressed by no more than ten to twenty percent, the quality is not affected as you may think.
Are there any downsides?
As with all conversions, there are going to be a couple of downsides. In this case, the cons of converting to a JPEG file are as following:
  • Image quality is lost
  • Once converted to JPEG the original image loses quality and cannot be restored
Once again, each of these downsides will be discussed in more detail below.
Image quality is lost
Firstly, when you choose JPEG there is no hiding the slight dip in image quality. This is noticeable, but not a massive difference. With this being said, it is something to keep in mind if the quality is your top priority.
Once converted to JPEG the original images loses quality and cannot be restored
When you convert images to JPEG, the original file loses quality and cannot be restored. However, if you wish to retain the original image quality, be sure to save a duplicate somewhere, just in case you wish to revert back to the original.
Buy premium
With the free version of HD Convert, you can convert as many images as you’d like to JPEG or other image formats. However, the quality is capped and there is a slight watermark on the final converted file.
Instead, you can purchase an HD Convert premium package to unlock HD images with no watermarks. Our basic package starts at $4.99, providing you with ten video, audio, colorize, and image conversions.
Unlike other platforms, you only pay for what you use; there are no hidden subscription costs. So, if you only need ten conversions, purchase the basic package, or if you need over one-hundred, then the pro package is for you.

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