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HD Convert is free to use and available to all for converting between different image formats (and other mediums), including the popular WEBP format. Traditionally, converting between different image formats required software such as Photoshop, manually uploading and exporting these into a new file format. However, as we’re sure you’re aware, this can be time-consuming, and if you don’t have this program (or a similar one), expensive, too.
Instead, however, HD Convert allows you to quickly upload your favorite images for conversion, made simple with our four-step process which will be covered shortly. This method is invaluable, saving you time, money, and allowing your images to be optimized for whatever means you require.
This page will discuss the WEBP format in more detail, including how to convert your images to this format, why you should, the benefits, downsides, and all you need to know about our premium packages on offer.
Convert your image to WEBP in a few simple steps
To convert your current image file to WEBP, follow the steps outlined below:
  • Click the “convert images” button and select your chosen output, in this case, WEBP
  • Adjust advanced settings (image quality & image re-sizing), this is not required
  • Upload the images you wish to convert
  • Convert and enjoy your new WEBP image(s)
Converting to the WEBP file format (and others) is simple to do and available to all. In fact, you can even upload multiple images at once for conversion, changing these to your desired format, such as WEBP.
You also have the option to adjust advanced settings when converting your images. This allows you to adjust the image quality and to re-size your images. Most of the time, you will not need to use these. However, if you’re converting an image specifically for one given medium, for instance, Instagram, then you can obtain the perfect aspect ratio to make your pictures look even better.
However, saying this, we do need to mention that the free version of HD Convert does have a limit on image quality and displays a watermark on all converted images. This is easily removed when you purchase one of the premium packages available, with the most basic one available for the small price of $4.99. We will discuss more on the premium options available toward the bottom of this article.
Why convert your image file to WEBP?
Chances are, you’re wondering why you should convert your images to WEBP format. The WEBP format was developed by Google, specifically for the use of uploading and downloading images online.
Essentially, the WEBP format allows you to decrease file sizes by up to twenty to thirty percent with little to no loss in quality. The benefits of this are numerous, mainly allowing for quicker load times on your website and/or download speeds for users.
JPEGs are often the go-to choice for many website owners or bloggers. However, the file size of these is still significantly greater than WEBP files. If you haven’t already switched your images to Google’s own format, then you’re missing out.
What are the benefits of choosing the WEBP format?
We’ve already discussed some of the benefits of converting to a WEBP file format above, however, here are some more:
  • Low file size
  • High quality
  • Compatible with virtually all devices
  • Optimized for the web
Each of these benefits will now be discussed in more detail below.
Low file size
Firstly, one of the main benefits of choosing the WEBP format is the low file size. This makes it an ideal option for web-use, in fact, that’s exactly what it’s created for. When you upload these to a website or blog, they load much quicker on all devices, therefore, increasing user experience.
High quality
Second, WEBP files remain high-quality even when the original image is compressed. In fact, the loss of quality is so minimal you’ll likely not notice a difference. However, the difference in file size will definitely help you see results.
Compatible with virtually all devices
Third, as the WEBP file is optimized for the web, this makes them compatible across virtually all devices. This is a huge advantage, allowing you to show up in image search and ensuring your website is fully functioning at all times.
Optimized for the web
Fourth and finally, as we’ve discussed throughout this article, the WEBP file format is optimized for the web. Not only does this decrease load times and improve user experience, but it may also contribute to improved SEO, too.
Are there any downsides?
As with all image conversions, there are going to be a couple of downsides. In the case of WEBP, potential downsides include:
  • Images can something contain a plastic-like look
There are very few downsides to choosing the WEBP format. However, one which sometimes occurs if the image quality is not high originally is a plastic-like look to the image. To counter this, ensure to use a high-quality image before converting.
Other than this, there are virtually no downsides, unless, of course, you’re looking for the highest quality image quality for physical prints.
To conclude
The free version of HD Convert, which is available to all, allows you to convert as many images as you would like to WEBP format (or other formats). However, the quality of these images is limited and the final image will contain a slight watermark.
Instead, you can purchase an HD Convert premium package to access HD quality images with no watermark. The most basic package costs the small price of $4.99, providing you access to ten video, colorize, and image conversions, including WEBP.
Finally, unlike other image conversion platforms, you only pay for what you use. When you choose HD Convert, you will not encounter any hidden subscription costs or fees. For example, if you require ten conversions, then purchase the basic package - it’s a one-time purchase that can be re-purchased at any time.

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