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Convert video to avi in a few easy steps
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HD Convert offers both free and premium tools to convert your videos between a variety of different formats. For example, MP4, MK4, 3GP, and MOV formats can be converted to AVI and visa versa.
The conversion process is straightforward and available for use on many different devices, including desktop, tablet, and mobile. All conversions are fast and secure, offering up to ultra HD quality (4k) if you decide to purchase a premium package.
Okay, now that we’ve cleared the air, let’s discuss how to convert your video to AVI.
Convert your video to AVI in a few easy steps
To quickly convert your video file to AVI, follow the simple steps below:
  • Upload source file (no file size limit)
  • Select video format: AVI
  • Select video quality: from low 240p to 720p, 1080p HD and Ultra HD 4k quality
  • Adjust video settings: codec, bitrate, etc.
  • Enable notifications (push, sound, or email)
  • Select the FREE or PREMIUM conversion option
  • Convert video to AVI
When converting your video to AVI, you also have a plethora of advanced options to play around with. For example, you can adjust the video quality, remove audio, adjust audio levels, rotate videos, crop videos, and more. You will find more details in the advanced options.
Also, as previously mentioned, HD Convert is compatible with numerous devices. These devices include:
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Mac
  • PC
  • Windows
  • Tablet
  • And more!
For further details on HD Convert premium, please scroll down to the bottom half of the page.
Why convert your video format to AVI?
Audio-video interleave, also known as AVI, is a multimedia file format introduced by Microsoft in the early 90s. However, although Microsft developed AVI, both Windows and Apple computers can open, edit, and use these files. You may need to download an AVI player on Mac if you run into trouble, but this is unlikely (this is because it uses QuickTime as its main media player).
Much like MOV files, AVI is also extremely high in both video and audio quality. So much so that the AVI format is commonly used for promos, short documentaries, and other films.
Many key features allow the AVI format to stand out from the crowd. For example, AVI files can be compressed (reduced in size) with little to no loss in quality, both in video and audio. Compressing files is excellent for lowering transfer and download times if uploading to the cloud, via Pendrive, or transporting these between one or several computers
Further benefits will be discussed below.
What are the benefits of using the AVI format?
There are several benefits of using the AVI file format, but these include:
  • Excellent compression
  • High-quality video and audio
  • Compatible with virtually all programs and devices
As mentioned previously, AVI files possess great compression capacity. This is useful for reducing the overall file size of video clips or finished projects without sacrificing quality (both video and audio). Compressing files are great for those sending clips via email, uploading to the cloud, or transferring between one PC or Mac for editing or viewing purposes.
Furthermore, AVI offers high-quality video and audio, comparably so to MOV files. However, the quality is so great the AVI file format are frequently used for short films, promos, video projects, and even documentaries.
Finally, AVI files are compatible with virtually all programs and devices. This makes them genuinely versatile, allowing you to edit on multiple devices (if required) while reducing compatibility issues when sending between co-workers, friends, or others.
Are there any downsides?
Regardless of which video file you choose to convert your clip, there will always be a handful of downsides. For example, when using the AVI file, compressed codecs may be required on the machine for successful playback. This requires you to download these separately - without these, you may be unable to play your video.
Similarly, although the compression is generally excellent for AVI files, the file quality may be reduced if compressed beyond certain limits. For this reason, avoid compressing your files too low.
Buy premium
HD Convert offers two main methods of conversion; free and premium. The free AVI and other file conversion formats display a watermark over the final video, and the quality is capped just below HD.
The basic package allows you to convert three video files or images, unlocks 2k, 4k, and ultra HD quality, and removes the finished product’s watermark. Also, the conversion speed and download speed are much quicker, and there is no file size limit.
Furthermore, HD Convert saves all uploaded files (whether video, image, or audio) on our servers for 24-hours. This is because if your connection drops, you can quickly resume the download without interruption. This is available whether using the free or premium option.
So, who is HD Convert premium for? If you’re looking for videos with no watermarks and of the highest quality, whether a school project, documentary, or YouTube video, then the premium option is likely for you.
To find out more about HD Convert premium, click here.
Other formats to convert your videos to
HD Convert does not only allow you to convert to one file format such as AVI, but we also offer many other formats too such as MP4, MOV, MKV, FLV, 3GP, WMV.
To find out more about the other formats available, click here.
To conclude
Converting between different file formats such as AVI has never been more straightforward. The AVI file, in general, is high-quality, super versatile, and contains great compression capacity.
If using the free option of HD Convert, there will be a watermark on the finished project, as well as the quality capped. To unlock HD and remove the watermark, you will need to purchase a premium package.

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