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Convert video to flv in a few easy steps
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HD Convert makes converting between different video formats easy. Whether converting between an MP4, MKV, 3GP, MOV, or FLV, the process is straightforward, fast and secure. If you use HD Convert premium (more on this soon), then you unlock ultra HD quality, allowing your video to shine in it’s all of its glory, how it should.
Nonetheless, it’s important to note the quality of the final converted FLV file depends on the original quality of the file you uploaded for conversion. For example, if the original file you uploaded was low-quality, we cannot increase this. Instead, you would need to re-take or save the video.
Convert your video to FLV in a few easy steps
To quickly convert your video file to FLV, follow the simple steps outlined below:
  • Upload source file (no file size limit)
  • Select video format: FLV
  • Select video quality: from low 240p to 720p, 1080p HD and Ultra HD 4k quality
  • Adjust video settings: codec, bitrate, etc.
  • Enable notifications (push, sound, or email)
  • Select the FREE or PREMIUM conversion option
  • Convert video to FLV
Furthermore, there are also advanced options to play around with when converting your video to the FLV format. These options include adjusting the video quality, bitrate, audio levels (and removing audio altogether), rotating videos, cropping clips, and more.
Also, HD Convert is compatible with numerous devices, including:
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Mac
  • PC
  • Windows
  • Tablet
  • And more!
You will find further details on HD Convert premium toward the bottom of this page.
Why convert your video format to FLV?
FLV is a popular file format used for multiple purposes, including videos, banners, adverts, and even streams inside webpages. What makes this file format so great is it’s minimal file size. This makes it ideal for sending to others via email, but more importantly for others to download in their browser with little to no delay.
You should consider converting your video format to FLV if you need to send this file to others and the original file, e.g. MP4 or MOV is too large. Also, suppose you intend on uploading the video directly to a website for playback, instead of embedding YouTube or other media links. This runs quick, is accessible, and does not require a YouTube or other streaming account. In that case, FLV allows you to keep the file size down, allowing users to access and watch this easily with little to no interruption.
What are the benefits of using the FLV format?
There are several benefits to using an FLV file; however, these include:
  • Very small file size and can easily be downloaded
  • Can play in a webpage (if Flash is installed)
As mentioned previously, FLV files comprise of a very small file size, making them great for sending to others, streaming, or downloading. In fact, FLV files have previously been used for movies, TV shows, and other large scale productions for that very reason.
Furthermore, all FLV files can be played on a webpage with ease. As the file size is so small, all users can download and view this in a matter of seconds. However, users must have flash player installed to do so. This isn’t much of an issue for most as flash player is one of the first things installed on a new computer or device, but perhaps for the those less familiar with computers, this may be difficult. Also, if downloading flash player to play these clips, ensure to watch out for scams - many, many flash player scams exist (just something to be wary of).
Are there any downsides?
As with the majority of file formats (e.g. MP4, MOV, FLV), there are going to be several downsides and numerous pros - it ultimately depends on the intended use. For instance, FLV files cannot be played without flash player installed.
Similarly, creating flash content can be time-consuming and expensive. This makes them a less obvious choice for some creatives. However, if you have the resources available, then FLV files make a great addition.
Buy premium
As briefly discussed previously, there are both free and premium options of HD Convert. If using the free option, you will experience limited video quality and a watermark on all conversions.
Unlike other conversion subscription services, HD Convert premium is purchased in packages, beginning at the low price of $4.99. The basic package provides three conversions of videos or images, whether an FLV file or another type.
Regardless of whether you choose to convert your files using free or premium, your files are temporarily uploaded to our servers for 24-hours. In the event of a disconnect, this allows you to resume your conversion with no interruption.
Also, premium grants you access to HD, ultra HD quality, remove the watermark, and speeds up both the conversion and download process - there are very few tools like it. To find out more about HD Convert premium, click here.
Other formats to convert your videos to
HD Convert also allows you to convert between more files than FLV. For example, you can also convert between MP4, AVI, MKV, 3GP, and WMV files on a variety of devices.
To find out more about the other formats available, click here.
To conclude
Converting to an FLV file format has never been more straightforward. FLV files are great for initially large files, compressing these into much smaller files that can be sent via email, opened in a webpage, or viewed online with little to no download time.
FLV files are commonly used on webpages, for movies, TV shows, and documentaries, allowing quick viewership with little to no download time - ideal for viewing on-demand.
Remember: you only pay for what you use with HD Convert; there are no hidden subscription costs, fees, or additional costs. Select a premium package and get started today to improve your video quality and to remove the watermark, taking your videos, images, and other files to the next level.

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