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The MP4 video format is the most popular format at present. It is supported by almost all modern devices, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, PlayStation, PS Vita, Raspberry Pi, Xbox and many others. The advantage of this video format is that it uses a hardware decoder to decode the video, which reduces power consumption and CPU load and thereby extend the battery life of the device. This allows you to decode HD video 1080p or 4k without much use of the central processor and other resources of the device. At the same time, MP4 video has a high ratio of compression of video frames without any significant loss of quality. The MP4 format has gained great popularity because the user gets a smaller file size with good video quality, which is critical for smartphones, tablets, PCs, and other devices.

Therefore, for the most part, an online video converter is optimized for working with MP4 video. By choosing this video format, you will get the highest conversion speed and high definition video quality.

We strongly recommend using the MP4 video format when choosing an online video.

Available MKV format options:

Video codec: H264 (high quality) or HEVC/H265 (high quality)
Audio codec: AAC (Advanced Audio Coding)
Video frame size: from 240p to 720p (HD), 1080p (Full HD) and 4K (Ultra HD)
Video bitrate: from 0.5 Mbit/sec to 40 Mbit/sec
Audio bitrate: from 32 Kbit/sec to 960 Kbit/sec
Video frame rate: auto
Video aspect ratio: auto
Video pixel format: yuv420p, nv12
Audio channels layout: stereo
Audio sample rate: 44 kHz
Conversion speed: up to 1000 fps (depends on conversion ratio)

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