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Convert video to 3gp in a few easy steps
fast 3gp online video convertor without a file size limit and with HD quality.
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HD Convert allows you to convert files from 3GP to other video formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV, and MOV for free. There is also a premium option available for more advanced features, more on this towards the bottom of the page.
The conversion process is straightforward, providing you with a secure, fast, and easy way to convert your favorite videos into 3GP format in HD as well.
Nonetheless, prior to converting a video, we must mention that we cannot improve a low-quality video. Instead, if a video is of poor quality, it needs to be re-shot on a better camera or processed via a different program or method.
Convert your video to 3GP in a few easy steps
To quickly convert your video file to 3GP, follow the easy steps highlighted below:
  • Upload source file (no file size limit)
  • Select video format: 3GP
  • Select video quality: from low 240p to 720p, 1080p HD and Ultra HD 4k quality
  • Adjust video settings: codec, bitrate, etc.
  • Enable notifications (push, sound, or email)
  • Select the FREE or PREMIUM conversion option
  • Convert video to 3GP
Moreover, there are also advanced options at your disposal when converting to the 3GP video file format. These advanced options allow you to adjust video quality, adjust audio levels, remove audio, rotate videos, adjust the bitrate, and more - feel free to play around with these to create the perfect 3GP video conversion.
Also, HD Convert is compatible with several popular devices, including:
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Mac
  • PC
  • Windows
  • Tablet
  • And more!
You will find further details on HD Convert premium toward the bottom of this page.
Why convert your video format to 3GP?
3GP files are a multimedia file capable of being saved in either audio, video, or both audio and video. These files are transmitted (sent) between mobile phones and other devices using the 3G network.
For this reason, 3GP files are very small in size. This makes them great for sending via mobile, e.g., via Bluetooth or a download link such as an email attachment. Likewise, these files are also equally suitable for uploading and sending to others.
Mobile phones, tablets, and other devices can open and play these files. Also, if you use the correct programs, e.g. Microsoft Movies or Quicktime player, you can also use them on a computer (both Microsoft and Macintosh).
What are the benefits of using the 3GP format?
There are numerous benefits to using a 3GP file; however, these include:
  • Small file size
  • Compatible with other devices other than mobile
As previously discussed, one of the main benefits of the 3GP file is its small file size. This is essential as 3GP files are sent and received mainly on mobile devices, on 3G and now 4G networks. As we know, these networks are often slower than most standard WI-FI connections, especially for those living in rural areas.
Another benefit is the compatibility of the file. Despite 3GP being made for mobile devices, these can be opened, edited, and viewed on tablets and desktops too, so long as you have a compatible program installed such as Quicktime player.
Are there any downsides?
By now, you likely know they are numerous pros and cons of every video file format. In this case, (3GP format) is often lower in quality than other file sizes. This is because the video files must be compressed for the file size to be so low, so they can be sent over 3G networks.
For this reason, 3GP files are best for sharing short clips, not for professional use such as creating movies, YouTube videos, for a project, or a documentary.
Buy premium
HD Convert offers two main methods of conversion: the free and premium options. As previously discussed, the free option contains a watermark, and the video quality is limited. However, premium removes this watermark and unlocks HD and ultra HD quality, not to mention improves conversion speed, download speed, and allows you to upload files of any size. There is no file size limit.
Unlike other subscription services, HD Convert premium is beginning at the low price of $4.99. The most basic package provides three file conversions, whether converting your favorite video to 3GP or choosing to convert images instead.
Furthermore, HD Convert also saves all uploaded files (regardless of the current file format) on our servers for 24-hours. In the event that your internet connection drops for any unexpected reason, the file conversion process can resume with minimum interruption (without having to start from scratch). This is available on both the free and premium versions.
So, who is HD Convert premium for? This ultimately depends on your intended use of your 3GP or another file. If using professionally, perhaps sharing your videos or images or others, then it may be worth investing. This removes the watermark and enhances the quality, allowing your work to look it’s best.
To find out more about HD Convert premium, click here.
Other formats to convert your videos to
Alongside converting your video format to 3GP, HD Convert allows you to convert between others as well. These other video files include MOV, MP4, FLV, AVI, MKV, WMV, and video to iPhone.
To find out more about the other formats available, click here.
To conclude
Converting video files to 3GP format has never been more straightforward. 3GP files are great for sending small files over 3G and 4G networks, but this does come with a price, in this case: video quality and compression.
Remember: when converting your video files with HD Convert (3GP or other), there are no hidden subscription costs or fees. Instead, you purchase packages with a set number of conversions and downloads, unlocking HD quality, and removing the watermark.

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