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Convert video to mov in a few easy steps
fast mov online video convertor without a file size limit and with HD quality.
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HD Convert allows you to convert different video files, e.g., MP4, AVI, MKV, and 3GP into MOV files. The conversion process has never been more straightforward, offering a fast and secure method of online conversion with the option for ultra HD (4k) quality - bringing your video to life.
However, it must be noted that the final quality of the converted MOV file depends on the original quality of the uploaded file. For example, if the original file is low quality, we cannot improve this - the video would need to be re-captured for the quality to be improved.
Convert your video to MOV in a few easy steps
To quickly convert your video file to MOV, follow the simple steps below:
  • Upload source file (no file size limit)
  • Select video format: MOV
  • Select video quality: from low 240p to 720p, 1080p HD and Ultra HD 4k quality
  • Adjust video settings: codec, bitrate, etc.
  • Enable notifications (push, sound, or email)
  • Select the FREE or PREMIUM conversion option
  • Convert video to MOV
There are also advanced options available when converting your video to the MOV format. For instance, you can adjust the bitrate, video quality, crop clips, remove audio, increase or decrease audio levels, and rotate videos, etc.
Also, HD Convert is compatible with numerous devices, including:
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Mac
  • PC
  • Windows
  • Tablet
  • And more!
You will find further details on HD Convert premium toward the bottom of this page.
Why convert your video format to MOV?
The MOV file was developed by Apple, but compatible across both Macintosh and Windows devices. This type of file is also sometimes referred to as a Quicktime file format. MOV files are one of the more common video files, higher in quality, but also larger in size than other forms such as MP4 formats.
Some programs require you to use MOV files, for example, you may run into some issues using non-MOV files in programs such as Apples iMovie. For this reason, you can convert your video file, whether it’s an mp4, API, FLV, or so forth using the HD Convert MOV converter.
This is also useful for maintaining the highest quality video file, great for big movie productions, or those not unafraid to compromise on file size.
What are the benefits of using the MOV format?
There are numerous benefits to using a MOV file; however, these include:
  • Holds multiple media files together, e.g., video and audio in one file
  • Compatible with programs such as Imovie and QuickTime player
  • Highly recognized file
  • Higher-quality than other formats
As previously mentioned, MOV files are standard in the film and creative industry. This makes them easy to access, with virtually all editing platforms accepting the use of MOV files. In fact, programs such as iMovie prefer you using these files and sometimes won’t accept other formats.
One of the main advantages of using this file is no doubt the quality of the file. Unlike other formats, such as mp4 that greater compress files, MOV files are as raw as they come.
Consequently, the file sizes of these files are often much greater, but the quality does not disappoint. These files are best to edit with, later saving the project either as a MOV or mp4 file for the highest quality finished product.
However, be aware that once the finished product is rendered, even if using MOV files if publishing in other formats such as MP4 the quality will likely decrease ever so slightly.
Are there any downsides?
As with all file formats, there are a few downsides to be wary of. For example, QuickTime player is required to preview these files. If you do not have QuickTime player, you need to either download a copy or alternatively convert the MOV file into another format, such as an mp4.
Similarly, MOV files are often larger in file size. If sending these via email or uploading to the cloud, this can take much longer than uploading other files. However, this does allow you to utilize the highest-quality, so it’s worth the punch if your WIFI can handle it.
Buy premium
As mentioned previously, there are two methods of conversion; free and premium. The free option has a watermark and the quality is limited to just below HD.
Premium is purchased is beginning at as little as $4.99 for three file conversions. Furthermore, premium unlocks 2k, 4k, and ultra HD quality, removes watermarks from imaes, speeds up the conversion and download process, and has no file size limit.
Also, we temporarily save all uploaded files on our server for 24-hours if your connection is disconnected for whatever reason. This allows you to resume your download once you’ve reloaded HD Convert, and is available whether you use the free of premium option.
If you want the highest quality video files, ideal for YouTube videos, documentaries, or projects, premium is the option for you. Besides, you only pay for what you use - subscription with a set number of conversions per package. To find out more about HD Convert premium, click here.
Other formats to convert your videos to
HD Convert does not only allow you to convert to one file format such as MOV, we also offer many other formats such as MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, 3GP, WMV, and convert video to iPhone.
To find out more about the other formats available, click here.
To conclude
It has never been easier to convert existing video files into MOV format, great for editing video on both Apple and Microsoft devices. The free option of HD Convert will leave a watermark and limit the final converted video quality. However, with a cost-effective one-time payment, you can unlock HD and Ultra HD, remove the watermark, and take your video to the next level.

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