Fast Online HD Video Converter
Convert videos online with free options to any format in a couple of clicks. Compress video to a smaller size or convert to Full HD and 4K quality with an incredible conversion speed up to 60 times faster. There is no file size limit, software, or plug-ins needed for installation. Supported output formats: MP4, AVI, MOV, MP3, and many others.
Online video converter. Convert video to MP4 online.
Global infrastructure, less latency, more speed and happy users
Our system automatically redirect users to nearest and fastest data center location possible. This technicke provide less latency and faster network speed (upload and download). Below is a list of currently available datacenters:
  • New York - USA, east region
  • Miami - USA, southeast region
  • California - USA, west region
  • Toronto - Canada region
  • London - UK, region
  • Frankfurt - EU, central region
  • France - EU, central region
  • Poland - EU, east region
  • Kyiv - EU, east region
  • Mumbai - India, Asia Pacific region
  • Singapore - Indonesia region
  • Hong Kong - China region
  • Japan - JP, Asia east region
  • Sydney - Australia region
  • ... and more
Overall all user around the world have the same good experience with high network speed and powerful media converter.
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Convert video and audio online. Fast online video converter.
How it works
HD convert is a fully cloud-based video converter, so the files are first uploaded to the cloud servers and then converted at high speed in the cloud without allocating resources on the client’s side. This behavior has the following objectives:
  • Convert anywhere from any device
  • Fast conversion speed up to 900 frames/sec
  • Multiple output formats (MP4, AVI, MOV, etc.)
  • Multiple output quality (720p, 1080p, 4k, etc.)
  • No installation of any plug-in or software required
All uploaded and converted files are stored in the cloud for no more than 24 hours, so you must log in to get access to all files from any device.
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Convert video and audio online. Fast online video converter.
Convert videos online in a couple of easy steps
To convert an online video anywhere quickly and easily, with high quality and without installing software or plug-ins, follow 3 simple steps:
  • Select output video quality (720p, 1080p, 4k)
  • Select video codec: H264 or HEVC / H265
  • Upload input file
After these steps, the conversion will start automatically in real-time and complete in a couple of seconds or minutes at high speed up to 900 frames/sec.
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Convert video to HD 1080p and 4k quality online. Convert to HEVC online.
Convert to multiple output formats
A large list of output formats for converting video and audio online. Below is a list of the most popular formats.
  • MP4 video format
  • AVI video format
  • MOV video format
  • MP3 audio format
Converting to MP4, AVI and MOV is extremely fast, and the speed can reach 30X in real-time or 900 frames/sec.
Convert video to: MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, MKV, 3GP, MP3, FLAC, OGG, etc.
Convert to Full HD 1080p or 4k quality
With our fast cloud-based online video converter, you can convert to Full HD or 4K quality at full speed without limiting file size or installing any software or plugins.
  • 720p HD video quality
  • 1080p Full HD video quality
  • 2k Ultra HD video quality
  • 4k Ultra HD video quality
Please note that the quality of the output video or audio depends on the original input file and may vary.
High quality online video converter. Convert to 720p, 1080p, 2k 4k quality
Compress video to a smaller size
Reduce the file size by converting the video to a smaller frame size and bitrate to save space on the device or to play videos on low-power devices.
  • 240p low video quality
  • 360p low video quality
  • 480p medium video quality
  • 576p medium video quality
  • 640p medium video quality
The compression speed in this mode is extremely high, so a large video will be available in a few minutes.
compress video
Compress video quality online. Reduce video size. Convert to 240p, 360p, 480p, 576p, etc quality

Converter features:

Convert video and audio online as fast as possible
Our goal is to provide users with the ability to convert video online or convert audio online as quickly as possible to various formats, such as MP4, and of various qualities up to Full HD and Ultra HD 4k. This service would not include any file size restrictions or require the installation of any software. All you need is an internet connection.
Convert video or audio online faster in the cloud
Convert video online or convert audio online in the cloud 30 times faster without installing any software. Convert anywhere and anytime in a couple of clicks from any PC or smartphone. We support the conversion of multiple files at the same time, which speeds up the conversion time.
Convert online video to popular formats
Convert video online in a couple of clicks, without installing any software at incredible speeds and up to Full HD or 4K quality. We support the most popular video formats, such as: MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, MKV, and H264 or HEVC codecs. Advanced video settings are also available, such as bitrate, resolution, aspect ratio video, and video rotation.
Convert online audio to popular formats
Convert audio online in a couple of clicks, without installing any software, with outstanding speeds and high-quality HD. We support the most popular audio formats, such as MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC. Advanced audio settings such as audio bitrate are also available.
Upload files to our cloud converter
The online converter does NOT have restrictions on the size of the input or output file or any other restrictions. You can upload a file to our cloud of any size, and we can easily convert it to all supported formats, qualities, and codecs. If you lose your connection, do not worry, we can continue to upload files from the last position of the file. You can upload multiple files at once.
We always help our consumers. Please do not hesitate to contact us
If you have any questions or have problems, feel free to contact us. We always address any of our consumers’ questions and help to resolve all issues. You can contact us on social networks or by email. We will always answer any questions. Trust us, you are not alone.

Available formats:

Convert video to MP4
Convert video to MP4 online in the cloud with a few clicks at amazing speeds and up to Full HD or 4K quality. Change the video codec, bitrate, resolution, aspect, or rotate the video.
Convert video to AVI
Fast conversion of any video to AVI format compromising quality and up to 30 times faster. Download multiple files at the same time without limiting file size.
Convert video to MOV
Change the video format to MOV for products related to Apple or other devices from any input media source. Easily play video or audio on a MAC or phone.
Convert video to AV1
Overall, AV1 represents a significant step forward in video compression technology, offering improved compression efficiency and higher quality video content.
Convert video to FLV
Compress video in FLV format in the cloud at an incredible speed and up to Full HD or 4K quality. Create a small file from the input video and share it to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or a website.
Convert video to MKV
MKV format is the most popular format for large films, TV shows, or short videos. Convert to MKV and change the quality of the input media file in the cloud with a few clicks at incredible speed.
Convert video to WMV
WMV video format is the main media format for Windows PCs. Convert video to WMV online with high speed and high quality in the cloud, and then play it on a Windows PC without any problems.
Convert video to 3GP
Convert audio files to the most popular MP3 file format on the Internet. Just upload the source file to the cloud and we will convert it for you with incredible speed.
Convert audio to MP3
Convert audio files to the most popular MP3 file format on the Internet. Just upload the source file to the cloud and we will convert it for you with astonishing speed.
Convert audio to WMA
The WMA audio format is extremely popular on Windows PCs and other devices. Select ‘Change Format’ in WMA to convert sound at high speed and quality.
Convert audio to FLAC
If you need to change the audio format to high-quality and high-bitrate audio, select ‘Convert to FLAC. This format is specially designed for lossless audio files.
Convert audio to OGG
Convert to the open-source OGG format as lossless audio. A higher bitrate of the audio track means higher output quality and a larger file. But we can convert it at a high speed.
Convert audio to AIFF
The audio data in most AIFF files is uncompressed PCM. There is also a compressed version of AIFF, known as AIFC, with various specific compression codecs.