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Converting your videos to HD or even 4k quality has never been easier, thanks to HD Convert and its simple to use tools. What was once a complex job now only requires a few clicks, allowing you to enjoy your videos in HD and UHD like never before (not to mention a whole host of other file formats and conversion options, too).
However, for those that are looking for more advanced options, don’t we’ve got you covered. Once uploaded, you can also adjust various other settings to your liking, including the file type (MOV, MP4 etc.), alongside changing video codecs and much, much more. It’s safe to say there are plenty of options and settings available to help you create the best possible video to your liking and individual specifications and expectations.
This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide to converting your first video file to HD or even 4k quality. Before we begin it’s important to ensure your video format matches the file size. For example, AVI files are often huge in size and may complicate the conversion. Also, the AVI video format cannot be displayed and viewed on some devices, so you want to conver this first to a file format such as the popular MP4. That’s what this next section will discuss, helping you get started.
Converting to the correct video file
So, to begin with, we need to convert our original video file (whether this is AVI or others). To do this, you need to locate the file on your computer or device that will be converted. You can select single or multiple files at once, great for converting multiple videos at once - a massive timesaver for big projects. HD Convert does not contain a file size limit, so upload to your heart’s content, whether this is a small file or the largest file that’s ever existed (perhaps a slight exaggeration, but you get the point).
During the upload process, if your internet is to crash or fail, the HD Convert resumable uploader will store this file for up to 24-hours. After the 24-hours is over, the file will be deleted. This is great if converting and uploading from an unstable connection, allowing you to resume where you left off with little to no interruption in regards to your progress. Nonetheless, once you’ve selected your file or files, click the “next button” and select the chosen “output,” you most likely want to select the “MP4” format as this is supported on virtually all devices. However, you can choose another format if you would like. The most popular video conversion formats include the standard MP4, alongside others such as MOV, AVI, MKV, FLV, and 3GP. Once you’ve selected the format you would like to use, hit the “next” button.
Okay, now you’re going to want to choose the desired video quality. You can select between 720p, 1080p, and 4k quality (there are two variations of this) and various other presets (as screen in the screenshot below). However, it is important to note that some video clips will be unable to convert to higher quality formats if the original clip was not captured on a device that supports this; for example, a camera unable to shoot in 4k cannot be upgraded to 4k during the conversion process. Feel free to use the custom options too, allowing you to adjust video bitrate and video size if required. But for most conversions, you don’t need to adjust these.
Adjusting the video codec
This next step is optional and you can skip this if you would like. However, adjusting the video codec allows you to further increase the quality without changing the bitrate. This is a more advanced setting, so we recommend only using and editing this if you know what you’re doing!
Nonetheless, adjusting the codec can be an excellent way to squeeze out a little extra video quality, so it’s worth playing around with this setting if required or if you know how to do this properly. There’s also a whole other topic surrounding codec compression, of which will be discussed in more detail in another series of blog posts. So, stay tuned for that if you are interested!
Free vs. premium
We are now onto the final step - your brand new converted HD video is almost ready for download and viewing, whether on a smartphone, laptop, or television. However, before this, you must decide between the free version of HD Convert or the premium option. The free version contains a video quality cap of 720p, also including a visible watermark. On the other hand, HD Convert premium unlocks up to UHD 4k quality with no watermark and interference - the perfect option for the very best quality.
If you’re looking for the best video quality and experience, we suggest choosing the premium package, unlocking full HD quality, and faster conversion speeds. This is especially great if you plan on uploading more files in the future. Once you’ve selected your desired option (free vs. premium), select the convert button and the conversion process will begin. Once the download has finished you will be able to open your video file for viewing. And that’s it, done!
HD Convert premium
HD Convert premium packages begin for the low price of $4.99 per month, allowing you to download and convert up to ten video, audio, image, and colorize files. If you’re looking for a more serious package, perhaps if you plan on uploading more than ten files, you can also choose from the standard package or the yearly package, of which you can save up to 50% on cost.
Nonetheless, regardless of which package you choose, you are able to enjoy a HD quality video in a file format of your choosing, whether this is the standard MP4 or perhaps even an MOV file for further editing in a video editing software program of your choice.
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